Data Privacy Conference

Data Privacy Conference

On building privacy in engineering and product processes.

Keynote: End-to-end encryption: state of technical and policy debates

Matthew D. Green, Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute

1 hour14 May 2021

Fireside chat: Can small-sized startups build privacy in products? The journey of

Shadab Siddiqui (CISO at Hotstar) in conversation with Sandeep Srinivasa, founder and head of product and tech at

50 minutes 3 May 2021

Keynote: Personal data in heavily regulated environments - Zerodha's case study

Kailash Nadh, CTO at Zerodha

38 minutes 3 May 2021

Jupiter's approach to PII/SPDI redaction

Rohan Prabhu, Senior Technical Architect at Jupiter

25 minutes13 May 2021

Masking Sensitive Data in Logs with LogStash

Ayush Priya, DevSecOps Engineer at Appsecco

19 minutes13 May 2021

Lessons learned from the biggest data breach - Yahoo!

Ankit Pahuja, Growth Hacker and Security Evangelist at Astra Security

21 minutes13 May 2021

Data Governance - Strategies from experience

Atif Akhtar, Lead Consultant for Data at ThoughtWorks

43 minutes 3 May 2021

Can my company be Data Privacy compliant and still stay Agile?

Deepak Parthasarathy, Senior Engineering Leader at Atlassian

28 minutes11 May 2021

Intuit's GDPR compliance case study

Kalusivalingam Thirugnanam, Architect at Intuit

19 minutes11 May 2021

How Data Security and Data Privacy can work together - leveraging existing Information Security practises to address data privacy requirements

Anuradha Lipare, Global Head of Data Security and Data Privacy at Gojek

31 minutes11 May 2021

Best practices in FOSS compliance can help improve security.

Biju Nair, Technology lawyer

16 minutes11 May 2021

Lean Data Practices

Nneka Soyinka, Privacy Program Manager at Mozilla

1 hour11 May 2021

Data Anonymization @ Offline Data Lake

Pratap Kudupudi, Big data Platform Engineer at LinkedIn

41 minutes13 May 2021

Case study of CalyxOS

Chirayu Desai, Security Research Engineer at The Calyx Institute

34 minutes17 May 2021

Synthetic data generation

Sandeep Joshi, Independent Consultant

37 minutes17 May 2021

Data deletion practices @ Offline Data lake

Bhupendra Jain, Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn

32 minutes17 May 2021

Master class on identity and biometrics

Subhashis Banerjee, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi

1 hour18 May 2021

Why netbanking fails

Suman Kar, CEO at Banbreach

17 minutes18 May 2021

Integrating privacy-preserving analytics into your application

Chirayu Desai, Security Research Engineer at The Calyx Institute

23 minutes18 May 2021

Enabling customers' security and privacy journey in the AWS/Cloud

Swati Sharma, Helping financial organizations to achieve Cyber Security and Regulatory Compliance in the Cloud

42 minutes17 May 2021

Privacy-tech survey launch

Nadika Nadja, Anand Venkatnarayanan

1 hour19 May 2021

Round table: Security Incident analysis and reporting

Vijayendran Sridharan, CISO at Capillary Technologies

1 hour19 May 2021

AWS Security Best Practice

Ravindra Ved, Solutions Architect at Amazon

39 minutes19 May 2021

Closing keynote: Is NetworkOps Dead in the Age of Cloud?

Paul Vixie, CEO at Farsight Security

1 hour 5 May 2021

Cryptographic Protocols for a Secure and Private IoT

Mrinal Wadhwa, CTO at Ockam

40 minutes14 May 2021

Master class: TLS in 2021

Michael W Lucas, Network Security Engineer; author

1 hour14 May 2021
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