Data Privacy Conference

Data Privacy Conference

On building privacy in engineering and product processes.

Anuradha Lipare


Leveraging existing Information Security practises to address data privacy requirements OR How Data Security and Data privacy can work together

Submitted Mar 30, 2021

Data privacy and cybersecurity practices are becoming increasingly important in view of new legislation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Personal Data protection Act (PDPA) as well as increasing sophisticated cyber attacks.Many organization spends most of their cybersecurity budgets on addressing technical, financial and reputational risks and It is often noted that an insufficient level of privacy protection or breaches of personal data may lead to loss of consumer trust and damage to businesses’ reputation.
Let’s discuss the opportunities to leverage existing Cybersecurity/Information security practices to address data privacy compliance requirements .
Key takeaway
1)How to implement Data privacy programme without reinventing wheel
2)How information security’s People , process and technology can co-exists and work together effectively with data privacy framework


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