Privacy Mode

Privacy Mode


Privacy Mode is a forum for discussions on privacy, data security and compliance. Participate and collaborate with India’s pioneering privacy-tech community.

Industry surveys: In 2020, Privacy Mode executed two surveys:

  1. Factors that help and prevent the development of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETS) in startups and large organizations in India. The report is published on
  2. On Non-Personal Data (NPD) and its impact on business and technology. Report link, community submissions link and videos, written summaries and translations about the NPD framework on

Speak, teach, curate: Privacy Mode is:

  • A platform for discussing data governance, compliance practices and privacy in tech and consumer products.
  • A growing knowledge repository of innovative ideas and approaches to data governance, privacy in technology, and compliance.

Sponsors: Privacy Mode’s programmes and activities are funded by sponsorships from:

  1. Omidyar Network India (ONI) -
  2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) -
  3. Zeta -
  4. Google India -
  5. GitHub Inc -

Sponsors do not have a say in editorial decisions, nor have access to participants’ data.

Peer review: Privacy Mode’s activities, research, publications and outcomes are peer reviewed by past and current speakers, curators and facilitatiors of Privacy Mode, The Fifth Elephant and Rootconf.

You can participate in Privacy Mode’s activities by:

  1. Submitting ideas for speaking.
  2. Recommending speakers, topics and upcoming trends.
  3. Teaching workshops; suggest topics for trainings.
  4. Reviewing ideas submitted by your peers.

Contact information: Write to us on if you are interested in participating in Privacy Mode’s activities. Follow Privacy Mode on Twitter