Privacy Mode

Privacy Mode


Privacy Mode is a forum for discussions on privacy, data security and compliance. Participate and collaborate with India’s pioneering privacy-tech community.

Industry surveys: In 2020, Privacy Mode executed two surveys:

  1. Factors that help and prevent the development of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETS) in startups and large organizations in India. The report is published on
  2. On Non-Personal Data (NPD) and its impact on business and technology. Report link, community submissions link and videos, written summaries and translations about the NPD framework on

Speak, teach, curate: Privacy Mode is a growing knowledge repository of innovative ideas and approaches to data governance, compliance practices and privacy-related product decisions. Become a part of this content repository by:

  1. Submitting ideas for speaking.
  2. Recommending speakers, topics and upcoming trends.
  3. Teaching workshops; suggest topics for trainings.
  4. Reviewing ideas submitted by your peers.

Community sponsors: Privacy Mode’s programmes and activities are funded by sponsorships raised from:

  1. Omidyar Network India (ONI) -
  2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) -
  3. Google India -
  4. GitHub Inc -

Sponsors do not have a say in editorial decisions, nor access to participants’ data.

Peer review: Privacy Mode’s activities, research, publications and outcomes are peer reviewed by past and current speakers, curators and facilitatiors of Privacy Mode, The Fifth Elephant and Rootconf.

Contact information: Write to us on if you are interested in participating in Privacy Mode’s activities.