Data Privacy Conference

Data Privacy Conference

On building privacy in engineering and product processes.

Vijayendran Sridharan


Round table: Security Incident analysis and reporting

Submitted Mar 18, 2021

Hard Questions: Security Incident Analysis, Reporting and Management

  1. Security incidents are coming to light through dark webs. How effective are organizations’ systems in detecting incidents? Where do you think we are having debts?

  2. How are companies handling the immediate need to rotate access keys and credentials that have been compromised?

  3. How practical is RBI’s rule on reporting security incidents within 1 hour?

  4. What is your take on Controller’s contractual requirement for Processors (under GDPR) to report security incidents within 24 hours?

  5. How effective are organizations in having a list of all customers’ security incidents reporting coordinates?

  6. Are companies having advance contracts (with right NDA and terms and conditions) with regional / global Legal and PR advisors for handling security and privacy incidents?


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