Data Privacy Conference

Data Privacy Conference

On building privacy in engineering and product processes.

Chirayu Desai

Chirayu Desai


Case study of CalyxOS

Submitted Apr 3, 2021

CalyxOS is an open source Android-based Operating System, sponsored by the Calyx Institute, a 501(c) non-profit dedicated to making privacy and security available for all.

We take the code Google releases as open source to the Android Open Source Project, and try to make it usable for everyone while preserving their privacy, and also keeping the security model Google intended intact.
This creates some interesting scenarios, where being in the control of the Operating System lets you make pretty much any modification you’d like, but lots of implications have to be considered.

Some of the features / decisions I’ll be talking about:
* microG Integration and configuration, as a replacement of Google Play Services
* Signal and WhatsApp calling integration into the Dialer
* Some default services used by the device for various tasks such as time keeping, checking if the internet is working
* Ad / Tracker blocking, and additional firewall features


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