Data Privacy Conference

Data Privacy Conference

On building privacy in engineering and product processes.

Ravindra Ved

AWS Security Best Practice

Submitted Apr 21, 2021

AWS has developed mechanisms & controls to achieve desired security posture to meet security objectives, compliance & regulations.

@AWS , as Security specialists, we help customer to:
- Run their workloads with desired security posture
- Design & operate secure systems
- Identify patterns from the field, understand various controls, their execution mechanism, common pitfalls & various attack scenarios
- Providing consultation with prescriptive guidance

One of our key work is to help customers to understand different threat vectors & their proactive mitigation

We work to help the security ecosystem grow with infusing different open source & prevalent technologies in security solutions & build security implementation partners

We would like to share the field signals & patterns, while discussing how to navigate and manage AWS tools and capabilities to prevent security incidents, design and architect systems leveraging the AWS platform using cloud native & open-source tools


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