Data Privacy Conference

Data Privacy Conference

On building privacy in engineering and product processes.

Swati Sharma

Enabling customers' security and privacy journey in the AWS/Cloud

Submitted Apr 16, 2021

AWS delivers its wide bouquet of services to millions of active customers in over 240 countries and territories. Our customers include financial services providers, healthcare providers, telecom and governmental agencies, who trust us with some of their most sensitive information. Over the years and through operating across data jurisdictions, we have developed a security assurance program that uses best practices for global privacy and data protection to help our customers operate securely within AWS, and to make the best use of our security control environment. These security protections and control processes are independently validated by multiple third-party independent assessments e.g. SOC 2, ISO 27018. We would like to conduct a meta-case study session wherein we use multiple customer case studies to highlight:
1. Our shared responsibility model and security assurance program.
2. How our tools and services have helped customers with ensuring compliance and security with no/low impact on innovation.
3. AWS experience in enabling customers in some of the most stringent Privacy and Data control requirements including GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS
4. India and Data Protection Landscape
4. AWS Security and Compliance best Practices/Architecture
5. AWS Data Protection and Privacy Resources
This session would also speak to our own experiences with distributed data systems and geographical compliances, privacy-centric developer practices and the impact to those that we foresee once the PDP Bill is implemented.


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