Data Privacy Conference

Data Privacy Conference

On building privacy in engineering and product processes.

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The first edition of the Data Privacy Conference was held between 23 and 29 April 2021.

The conference featured talks and discussions around:

  1. Processes for doing compliance and building privacy features in large and growing organizations.
  2. Case studies of compliance, mainly GDPR and related practices of data anonymization and data deletion.
  3. Using technology to handle processes for handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII); evaluation of developer tools that organizations use for governing access to PII and sensitive data - and whether to build, rent or buy these.
  4. End-to-end encryption - technology and policy debates; practical applications.
  5. Privacy preserving practices in consumer technology - netbanking and Android and mobile.
  6. Cloud security practices; multi-geography compliance with cloud.

Speakers from LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Hotstar, Mozilla, Zerodha, ThoughtWorks, Appsecco, Gojek and other organizations shared their experiences, and demonstrated how the combination of ‘intent, process, resources and technology’ come together to help companies build privacy-respecting products.

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Participants in the conference included:

  1. SRE, DevSecOps and DevOps teams working with legal and compliance teams to heavy-lift operations around privacy and compliance.
  2. Product managers building secure and compliant systems.
  3. Business and engineering heads of organizations which deal with large volumes of consumer data on a regular basis.
  4. Representatives early to mid-stage fintech companies which are evolving systems to handle petabytes of data securely in compliance with larger governance laws.
  5. Consultants working on cloud and security; pricacy and compliance.

Contact information: Join the Rootconf Telegram group on or follow @rootconf on Twitter.
For inquiries, contact Rootconf on or call 7676332020.

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Ayush Priya

Ayush Priya


Masking Sensitive Data in Logs with LogStash

Submitted Feb 16, 2021

ElasticSearch, LogStash and Kibana together create one of the most popular log ingestion and indexing solution. However, the logs being indexed and made available can potentially contain sensitive information such as PII. The talk will explain how to setup masking for such sensitive information(s) present in the logs in LogStash. This would enable any principal who wants to look at the logs to be able to do so while protecting leakage and misuse of sensitive information.

As an example case study, the participants will be shown how to setup filters in LogStash to mask data in the log conditionally based on whether the sensitive field is present in the particluar log entry or not.


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Ankit Pahuja

Ankit Pahuja

Lessons learned from the biggest data breach - Yahoo!

[15 minute talk] First in 2013, then in 2014 & Again in 2016 - Yahoo! suffered the biggest data breach after losing the data of billion people. more

04 Mar 2021