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Dharamaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore

Develop, Test, Deploy, Distribute


30 June 2012

Using Delicious Chef Recipes, to automate provisioning of cloud server and quality Fabric for deployment.

Saket Bhushan

3 July 2012

Virtualization with KVM (and Libvirt)

Kashyap Chamarthy

28 June 2012

Securing a Linux Web Server in 10 Steps or Less

Akash Mahajan

20 June 2012

High performant virtualization using OpenVZ

Nilesh B

2 July 2012

Zero-touch Drupal deployment with Features, Jenkins, Aegir, Git, Fabric and Drush

Kaustubh Srikanth

2 July 2012

Cloud Meets Fog & Puppet, A Story of Version Controlled Infrastructure

Habeeb Rahman

27 June 2012

Creating & Provisioning Cloud Resources with AWS CloudFormation

Janakiram MSV

18 June 2012

Performance Tuning 101 - An introduction to performance tuning an application in managed environment

Janmejay Singh

18 June 2012

Puppet in Stand Alone Mode or Why Config management is useful for 0+ systems

Sarguru Nathan

3 July 2012

Automated and Adaptive Infrastructure Monitoring using Chef, Nagios and Graphite

Pratima Singh

27 June 2012

Continuous Integration made fun with Jenkins & Hubot (+ Gtalk)

Sameer Segal

27 June 2012

Make your servers sing using MCollective

Mohit Chawla

Varanid: distributed, resilient and scalable alerting

Biju Chacko

2 July 2012

Openshift: Deployments for the rest of us


20 June 2012

Nginx - Tips and Tricks.


27 June 2012

Build your own Storage Device (SAN) !

Sriram Narayanan

20 June 2012

A Cloud "Braindump"


18 June 2012

Optimizing LAMPhp Applications

Piyush Goel

2 July 2012