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Dharamaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore

Rootconf is HasGeek’s first annual conference for sysadmins and devops to share experience and knowledge, to teach and learn, and to meet colleagues and friends.

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Rootconf is a forum for discussions about DevOps, infrastructure management, IT operations, systems engineering, SRE and security (from infrastructure defence perspective). more

Nilesh B


High performant virtualization using OpenVZ

Submitted Apr 26, 2012

An overview of OpenVZ virtualization and ways to achieve on demand high performance infrastructure.


OpenVZ is container based virtualization for linux provided by OS and take minimal CPU resource, supports multiple linux distributions in individual container.
It also provides a good amount of resource management for containers. The performance, availability and reliability facilitates rapid development, testing and deployment.


Working knowledge of Linux and familiarity with virtualization.

Speaker bio

Nilesh Bairagi is working with Thoughtworks as devops engg.



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Kaustubh Srikanth

Zero-touch Drupal deployment with Features, Jenkins, Aegir, Git, Fabric and Drush

Build a workflow where your Drupal development team can just commit their code to GIT and automatically deploy changes across development, testing and live environments. more

27 Apr 2012