Rootconf 2012

Let there be sysadmins

Continuous Integration made fun with Jenkins & Hubot (+ Gtalk)


Sameer Segal


Learn how to setup Jenkins ( to make your life easy as a sys-admin. Further make it easier for developers to interact with Jenkins using hubot (


We will setup jenkins to run using tomcat and then set up a simple job to pull code from a github repo and build it into a war.

Then, we will see how we can control jenkins using Gtalk with the help hubot.

PS: If you have some thoughts on what you would like me to cover or how this session needs to be conducted, please leave me comments below. Thanks


Linux shell

Speaker bio

Sameer is the Founder & CEO of Artoo - Technology to the Rescue (

At Artoo, we build technology for the base of the pyramid using Android, Cloud (AWS), CouchDb, Play framework! and more.