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habeeb rahman

Cloud Meets Fog & Puppet, A Story of Version Controlled Infrastructure

Submitted Apr 24, 2012

How tools like git, ruby, puppet and fog come together and automate cloud deployments.


Puppet is a great configuration management tool and git is great at version controlling.AWS lets you create instances in few clicks.
But when it comes to large deployments only automation(where tools come together) can make you productive and happy.
I will take you through following..
Fog - The Ruby cloud services library and how it helps you to create vendor neutral cloud deployments,
Puppet- Multi region puppet masters,
Ruby- How Ruby pulls the strings together in EC2/ELB/RDS creation, Security group creation, IP authorization, Route53 DNS etc,
Git- how we use git to version control deployment configs/configurations.


just an open mind to learn and unlearn :)

Speaker bio

love automation,
devops enthusiast,
like to share with community,
work @ apigee( in a great team and with even greater people!
(btw this gonna be my first talk at a conference)



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