Rootconf 2012

Let there be sysadmins

Piyush Goel


Optimizing LAMPhp Applications

Submitted May 18, 2012

To share and discuss the common practices to be followed for scaling up LAMP applications. Cover some tools which can be handy for devops/sysadmins to identify bottlenecks in the applications.


There is a huge difference in developing simple web applications and applications that scale. As applications become more complex, tuning and optimization at the different layers becomes critical. This talk will present some guidelines and practices that should be followed while building LAMPhp based applications for scale.

Speaker bio

I am working with the Platforms & Systems group at Capillary Technologies. I design, develop & manage applications built on LAMP stack and deployed on AWS. Before joining Capillary, I was employed at Yahoo! Bangalore and worked on building large scale web applications.




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