Rootconf 2012

Let there be sysadmins

Ranjib Dey


A brief overview of current configuration management systems (FOSS)

Submitted May 21, 2012

A brief overview of babushka, pallet, cfengine3, chef , puppet and salt . What they do, how, their architecture, what they are best fit for. Some of these frameworks extend the conventional notion of configuration management to support continuous deployment , test-ability like features too, this talk will highlight on those points also.


Will be available in the slides. If the talk gets selected.


Linux administration skills. Maintained production systems for few years. Knowledge of at least one configuration management system would be great.

Speaker bio

Senior consultant in ThoughtWorks. Working as a devops engineer with few thoughtworks clients, helping them setting up private clouds, adopt public clouds , infrastructure automation etc. Previous to thoughtworks ranjib used to work with persistent systems on lifescience domain. he is a micro biology graduate.


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