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Build your own Storage Device (SAN) !


Sriram Narayanan


Attendees will understand what’s involved in building one’s own SAN device, and also see some real world experience reports.


I’ve built a few SAN devices over the past few years, and have used them successfully in some scenarios. In this talk, I’ll cover a few basic points about SANs so that we’re all on the same page, and then move on to describe what goes into a home grown SAN, some use cases, and some experience reports.

Participants will understand what things to take care of when applying SANs for VM Virtualization, Database Virtualization, local storage (mail, files,etc).

Speaker bio

Sriram a.k.a “Ram” works with Thoughtworks as a Devops Engineer. Prior to this role, he spent four years as part of the Thoughtworks Global Systems team. He is a core member of the Belenix project. He encourages technical discussion and learning in Bangalore by hosting and chaperoning various technical meetups at Thoughtworks Bangalore.