Rootconf 2012

Let there be sysadmins

Sriram Narayanan


Devops on Windows

Submitted Apr 29, 2012

There are lots of things that you can improve and automate in a Windows environment using Devops practices.


In this talk, Ram and Mamu will share their experience in playing the role of Devops Engineers on a large Windows platform based project at Thoughtworks.

They will cover lessons learned, problems solved and unsolved, and recommendations for others who may have to support a Windows based environment.

Speaker bio

Sriram “Ram” Narayanan is a Devops Engineer at Thoughtworks. Over the years, he has enjoyed working as a developer, build and deployment ninja, and sysadmin. He is a core developer on Belenix, and his current non-tech passion is practicing on the pan flute.

Madhurranjan a.k.a. “Mamu”, is a Devops Engineer at Thoughtworks, and helps ensure that the build stays green on one of our largest projects. Previously, he has worked with Cisco as an field engineer. Mamu loves Chef and Automation, and explores the R statistical language.


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