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Rootconf is HasGeek’s first annual conference for sysadmins and devops to share experience and knowledge, to teach and learn, and to meet colleagues and friends.

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Pratima Singh


Automated and Adaptive Infrastructure Monitoring using Chef, Nagios and Graphite

Submitted Apr 26, 2012

An overview of how chef, nagios and graphite can be integrated to provide a robust monitoring and performance analytics system.


Chef is a systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration management to the entire infrastructure. Nagios server polls node data from chef solr and syncs with NRPE custom plugins for monitoring. Graphite is a basic graphing tool where the data retrieved from the NRPE checks can be dumped to plot performance and perform analysis. This talk is basically how to finely integrate all the above tools to generate a robust monitoring system.


Basic knowledge of configuration management systems.

Speaker bio

I’ve been working with systems for the past nearly four years. First three years I was working as a Windows Server Admin managing Windows Server 2003/2008, packaging and publishing apps on Citrix 4.0 and XenApp 5.0. For the past one year I’ve been working with Thoughtworks as a DevOps Consultant on creating a Continuous Delivery environment for one click infrastructure deployment.



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We care about site reliability, cloud costs, security and data privacy