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A Cloud "Braindump"

Submitted May 14, 2012

Walk through some of the common problems a cloud brings and some of the one-off solutions I’ve accumulated through the last couple of years.


Working on a cloud shouldn’t be any different from any other large systems deployment. But it is not so - the fact that clouds enjoy a organic growth path, which involves very little planning from the time your web cluster goes from 20 to 120 machines. And such scale is often a good problem to have as your business/service becomes popular.

But that’s going to make your 10 terminals with “tail -f” not scale all of a sudden. Data rates are going to climb, the connection count is going to go up by a magnitude & the sense of control is lost in degrees.

And there are great solutions for some of those problems out there. But this talk is not about them, this is about those one-off solutions which you’re going to throwaway once the week is through.


basic networking

Speaker bio

I’m Gopal by day and t3rmin4t0r by night. I work on PECL’s APC opcode cache among other things. Zynga India has paid for my experience with clouds & crisises. And that is cheap at any price.


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