Rootconf 2019

Rootconf 2019

On infrastructure security, DevOps and distributed systems.

Log Analytics with ELK Stack (Architecture for aggressive cost optimization and infinite data scale)

Denis Dsouza, DevOps engineer at Moonfrog Labs

31 minutes 1 July 2019

Building reproducible Python applications for secured environments

Kushal Das, interest technologist at the Freedom of the Press Foundation

28 minutes24 June 2019

POLARDB architecture

Øystein Grøvlen, senior staff engineer at Alibaba Cloud

42 minutes25 June 2019

Virtual nodes to auto-scale applications on Kubernetes

Vivek Sridhar, senior product marketing manager at Microsoft

23 minutes24 June 2019

Network automation with Ansible

Trishna Guha, senior software engineer at Red Hat

28 minutes25 June 2019

Sponsored talk: Decomposing a monolith -- engineering and operational strategies we have gleaned from our experience at Endurance

Sudheer Kumar Meesala

36 minutes25 June 2019

Automate your IX’s RS Config

Anurag Bhatia, network researcher at Hurricane Electric

20 minutes24 June 2019

Securing infrastructure with OpenScap: the automation way

Jaskaran Narula, satellite engineer at Red Hat

28 minutes24 June 2019

Sponsored talk: SRE -- culture and strategy

Talina Shrotriya, software engineer at Trusting Social

35 minutes25 June 2019

OSINT for proactive defense

Shubham Mittal, co-founder at RedHuntLabs

34 minutes24 June 2019

Scalable distributed systems from grounds up in Elixir

Udit Kumar, software engineer at Nilenso

26 minutes25 June 2019

Sponsored talk: Implementing security from day one at a fintech startup

Himanshu Kumar Das, security at CRED

40 minutes25 June 2019

Devil lies in the details: running a successful bug bounty programme in your organization

Shadab Siddiqui, head of Information Security at Hotstar

46 minutes24 June 2019

Virtuous Cycles: Enabling SRE via automated feedback loops

Aaditya Talwai, SRE at Confluent

39 minutes24 June 2019

eBPF: exploring use case of BPF kernel infrastructure

T K Sourabh, performance engineer at Redhat

33 minutes25 June 2019

Software/site reliability of distributed systems

Piyush Verma, head of SRE at

51 minutes25 June 2019

Load Balancing : an in-depth study to scale @ 80K TPS

Shrey Agarwal

29 minutes25 June 2019

Sponsored talk: Functional programming and Nix for reproducible, immutable infrastructure

Brian McKenna, SRE at Atlassian Marketplace

36 minutes25 June 2019

OLTP or OLAP: why not both?

Jiten Vaidya, co-founder and CEO at Planetscale

49 minutes25 June 2019

Let’s talk about routing security

Anurag Bhatia, network researcher at Hurricane Electric

32 minutes24 June 2019

Using pod security policies to harden your Kubernetes cluster

Suraj Deshmukh, software engineer at Kinvolk

41 minutes24 June 2019

Scale MySQL beyond limits with ProxySQL

Ratnadeep Debnath, SRE at Zapier

37 minutes24 June 2019

Keynote: How convenience Is killing open standards

Bernd Erk, CEO at NETWAYS

41 minutes24 June 2019

Kafka streams at scale

Deepak Goyal, software engineer at Walmart Labs

33 minutes25 June 2019

SSH Certificates: a way to scale SSH access

Pulkit Vaishnav, DevOps engineer at Moengage

29 minutes25 June 2019

Learnings from running my Home Server (and why you should run one too)

Abhay Rana (Nemo), software engineer at Razorpay

29 minutes24 June 2019
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