Rootconf 2019

Rootconf 2019

On infrastructure security, DevOps and distributed systems.

udit kumar


Scalable dist-sys from grounds up in Elixir

Submitted Apr 20, 2019

Elixir comes bundled with battle tested primitives to build highly concurrent, event-driven, distributed systems. These primitives can be composed like Lego blocks to build all manner of system architectures. However not all of them will scale with increasing traffic. This talk will take you through the journey of building a platform for running live interactive game shows using Elixir, the way things failed / evolved and the lessons learned along the way.


The outline of the talk would be roughly as follows:
1. Discussion of the erlang/elixir process model
2. Discussion of GenServers (other OTP constructs if required)
3. Discussion on distributed erlang
4. Cycling through live game show architecutures


Basic knowledge / awareness of some Erlang/OTP constructs

Speaker bio

Udit is a software engineer at nilenso, the Bangalore based software co-op consultancy. He <3s clojure, elixir and emacs.



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