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Rootconf Delhi edition

On network engineering, infrastructure automation and DevOps



Rootconf is a platform to discuss real-world problems around Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), DevOps for data engineering platforms, evaluating and adopting technologies such as Kubernetes and containers, and DevSecOps.

Rootconf Delhi edition will be held on 18 January 2020 at the India International Centre (IIC).

Speakers from Flipkart, Hotstar, MindTickle, Red Hat and will discuss the following topics:

  1. Scaling and engineering challenges from Hotstar’s and Flipkart’s experiences.
  2. Data store choices.
  3. Kubernetes and K8s -- when to choose what and why?
  4. DevSecOps

##Who should attend Rootconf:

  1. Operations engineers
  2. DevOps programmers
  3. Software developers
  4. SRE
  5. Tech leads

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Shrey Agarwal


Load Balancing : in-depth study to scale @ 80K TPS

Submitted Feb 28, 2019

  • Introduction to different methodologies and topologies of load balancing.
  • Discussion of pros and cons of different topologies and tech.
  • Planning and setup of the applications,

Key takeaways

  • Types of loadbalancing strategies.
  • Software routing , how it happens in multi tier and datacentre setups.
  • How to handle extraordinary scale of TCP/Http traffic.

Intended audience

  • any devops/full-stack eng. who is planning a service setup and looking for evaluation on solutions


  • Referencing the 13 yr old article of willy tarreau ( 2006 )

  • 5 categories of LB

  • Evaluation params of LBs

  • DNS Load Balancing Detail
  • Layer 3/4 Loadbalancing
  • Haproxy example and monitoring params
  • Layer 7 Loadbalancing

  • Hardware and Software Routing ( setups and cases of each )

  • LVS: history and implementation

  • NAtting

  • Direct Routing

  • Tunnel Based routing

  • RP Filter

  • What to monitor

  • Interrupts handling and CPU affinity

  • HA with Keepalived and consul

  • References


Speaker bio

I am involved with researching the tech of the project, and planning the setup of tech of the project in my Org.



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