Rootconf Delhi edition

Rootconf Delhi edition

On network engineering, infrastructure automation and DevOps

Rootconf is a platform to discuss real-world problems around Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), DevOps for data engineering platforms, evaluating and adopting technologies such as Kubernetes and containers, and DevSecOps.

Rootconf Delhi edition will be held on 18 January 2020 at the India International Centre (IIC).

Speakers from Flipkart, Hotstar, MindTickle, Red Hat and will discuss the following topics:

  1. Scaling and engineering challenges from Hotstar’s and Flipkart’s experiences.
  2. Data store choices.
  3. Kubernetes and K8s – when to choose what and why?
  4. DevSecOps

Who should attend Rootconf:

  1. Operations engineers
  2. DevOps programmers
  3. Software developers
  4. SRE
  5. Tech leads

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Controlling EKS access with AWS IAM

Yash Mehrotra

6 minutes 5 February 2020

Keeping pipelines DRY

Nancy Chauhan

5 minutes 5 February 2020

Migration of Windows and Microsoft-based applications

Chaitra Acharya

6 minutes 5 February 2020

PubSub: real-time messaging service at Hotstar

Piyush Gupta, Fullstack developer at Hotstar

1 hour 5 February 2020

Merging two live data-centers into one

Anush Arvind, Senior software engineer at Freshworks

38 minutes 5 February 2020

Flash talk: GitLab CI/CD using containers

Vishnu Vardhini Vr, DevOps at Verizon

11 minutes 5 February 2020

Vitess: stateless storage in the cloud

Sugu Sougoumarane, Co-creator of Vitess

40 minutes 5 February 2020

Mapping the journey from VM-based deployments to Kubernetes

Bhavin Gandhi, Software engineer at InfraCloud Technologies

27 minutes 5 February 2020

Lessons learned in building the real-time Machine Learning inference platform at Zomato

Nikunj Jain, Software Engineer at Zomato

20 minutes 5 February 2020

Around the cluster in 80 miliseconds: the journey of a packet

Monica Gangwar, SRE at Mindtickle

15 minutes 5 February 2020

Not everything can fit in rows and columns

Ashok Vishwakarma, Principal Architect at

33 minutes 5 February 2020

Meeseeks: service dependency graph at Flipkart

Gaurav Sharma, Engineer at Flipkart Cloud Platform

41 minutes 5 February 2020


India International Centre (Kamaladevi Complex), Seminar Hall 1, 2 & 3

1st floor, 40 Max Mueller Marg

Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Estate

New Delhi - 110003

New Delhi, IN


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