Rootconf Delhi edition

Rootconf Delhi edition

On network engineering, infrastructure automation and DevOps

Controlling EKS access with AWS IAM

Yash Mehrotra

6 minutes 5 February 2020

Keeping pipelines DRY

Nancy Chauhan

5 minutes 5 February 2020

Migration of Windows and Microsoft-based applications

Chaitra Acharya

6 minutes 5 February 2020

PubSub: real-time messaging service at Hotstar

Piyush Gupta, Fullstack developer at Hotstar

1 hour 5 February 2020

Merging two live data-centers into one

Anush Arvind, Senior software engineer at Freshworks

38 minutes 5 February 2020

Flash talk: GitLab CI/CD using containers

Vishnu Vardhini Vr, DevOps at Verizon

11 minutes 5 February 2020

Vitess: stateless storage in the cloud

Sugu Sougoumarane, Co-creator of Vitess

40 minutes 5 February 2020

Mapping the journey from VM-based deployments to Kubernetes

Bhavin Gandhi, Software engineer at InfraCloud Technologies

27 minutes 5 February 2020

Lessons learned in building the real-time Machine Learning inference platform at Zomato

Nikunj Jain, Software Engineer at Zomato

20 minutes 5 February 2020

Around the cluster in 80 miliseconds: the journey of a packet

Monica Gangwar, SRE at Mindtickle

15 minutes 5 February 2020

Not everything can fit in rows and columns

Ashok Vishwakarma, Principal Architect at

33 minutes 5 February 2020

Meeseeks: service dependency graph at Flipkart

Gaurav Sharma, Engineer at Flipkart Cloud Platform

41 minutes 5 February 2020

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