Rootconf Delhi edition

Rootconf Delhi edition

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Anush Arvind


Merging two live data-centers into one

Submitted Nov 16, 2019

Freshworks products were hosted in two data centers in Europe, viz. Ireland and Frankfurt. We launched Ireland data center in 2015 and Frankfurt in 2017 due to business requirements. As soon as we launched Frankfurt, existing customers from Ireland region wanted to move to the Frankfurt. Frankfurt also has better security and data isolation policies comparatively. We could save up on infrastructure expenses considerably by maintaining/monitoring only one data center in Europe. Will talk about how we merged the Ireland Data center into Frankfurt.


Key challenges that we’ll discuss about:
Both are live data centers serving few thousands of requests per minute, for high paying customers.
Each and every component of our infrastructure had to be migrated and in some cases, merged.
Merging one data store into another had its own complexities of writing into live data stores and handling collisions of various data.
Existing customers in Frankfurt data center shouldn’t be affected.
Not all data stores have live replication options possible.
Customers using their own domains in freshservice had pointed to Ireland resources in their DNS settings.
Different services were used for similar data stores across the two DCs.



Speaker bio

Anush - Senior Software Engineer, Devops @ Freshworks.



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