Rootconf Delhi edition

Rootconf Delhi edition

On network engineering, infrastructure automation and DevOps



Bhavin Gandhi


Your journey from VM based deployments to Kubernetes

Submitted Dec 16, 2019

With growing traffic and user base, the request for new features also grows exponentially. It’s very crucial that the development, deployment process grows along the way to sustain. When it comes to Kubernetes and containers it may feel like overwhelming at the beginning. But the efforts worth it to invest time.

This talk will take you to the journey of migrating your workload from traditional VM based infrastructure to a container based model. It will cover how Kubernetes can help you to move faster. Why one should switch to Kubernetes. It will also cover some gotchas when migrating your applications as well as monoliths to the cluster. The talk will also cover some best practices about running and managing Kubernetes clusters.


  • Overview and shortcomings of traditional VM based CD
  • What is Kubernetes
  • Why Kubernetes
  • Features of Kubernetes
  • How it makes things move faster
  • Moving from VM based model to Kubernetes
    • Challenges
    • Strategies
  • Running monoliths in Kubernetes
  • Cluster management
    • Cluster backup and recovery
    • Launching multiple clusters
  • The way ahead

Speaker bio

Bhavin is working with InfraCloud Technologies, Pune. His main area of interest are Free/Libre and Open Source Software, DevSecOps, containers and Kubernetes.



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