Rootconf 2019

Rootconf 2019

On infrastructure security, DevOps and distributed systems.

Jiten Vaidya


OLTP or OLAP? Why not both?

Submitted May 6, 2019 is an open source sharding middleware system that runs massive OLTP workloads at companies susch as Youtube, Slack and Square. Vitess recently added support for cross-shard materialized views and near real-time rollups - traditionally considered to be OLAP features. The underlying feature that enables this is “VReplication” - the ability to parse MySQL binary log and use it to enable interesting use-cases. I will explain the architecture of Vitess, the genesis of Vreplication for resharding databases and demonstrate VReplication in action for cross-shard materialized views and roll-ups.


  • Vitess history
  • Vitess architecture
  • Vitess resharding and demo
  • VReplication explained
  • VReplication demo


Laptop with an internet connection.

Speaker bio

Jiten Vaidya is the co-founder and CEO at PlanetScale. Prior to starting PlanetScale, Jiten held various backend and infrastructure roles at US Digital Service, Dropbox, Youtube and Google. At Youtube, he managed the teams that operated Youtube’s MySQL databases at massive scale using the open source software,


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