Rootconf  project

Netconf 2020 edition

An unconference on the technical, economic and social aspects of network engineering and infrastructure

Netconf 2020 edition
Rootconf is a platform for SRE, DevOps, security and InfoSec developers and cloud operators. We bring the community together through talks, workshops and events.

Bangalore International Centre (BIC), Domlur, Bangalore, Bangalore

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For details about Netconf, see:

Netconf will cover the following topics, and more:

  1. Network engineering:
    - Running office WiFi networks; running large-scale WiFi networks
    - Setting up WiFi for conferences and large-scale community events
    - DNS, TLS, IPv6
    - Data loss, packet management
    - Managing data centres
    - Engineering practices at ISPs, telcos
    - Routing security
    - Network security; do ISPs keep you safe
    - Network monitoring
  2. Accessing networks:
    - Internet shutdowns, and how businesses access internet
    - Communicating information during internet shutdowns; access for civil society networks
    - Net Neutrality
    - Internet censorship
    - Using probes to monitor internet
    - Interception laws in India and globally
    - Access as right

Netconf is an unconference. Propose topics that you want to discuss at the conference. We also invite artists to put up installations of works related to Netconf.

Participant profile at Netconf: Speakers like to know who will be in their audience and therefore how to prepare talks. Below is a list of potential participants at Netconf:

  1. Network engineers
  2. ISPs and their representatives
  3. Providers of network solutions
  4. Senior leadership
  5. Civil society groups
  6. Tech and law researchers and activists
  7. Creators/providers of internet monitoring tools

Session formats and what you can propose - Netconf will have the following and more session formats:

  1. Full talks - 40 mins duration
  2. Crisp talks - 20 mins duration
  3. Flash talks - 5-10 mins
  4. Birds of Feather (BOF) session - 1 hour duration
  5. Round tables - 1-3 hours duration
  6. Hands-on workshops, where participants follow instructors on their laptops: 3-6 hours duration
  7. Suggest your own format

Selection process:

Proposals will be accepted based on the themes outlines for Netconf and topics which participants propose.

The schedule will be built and announced iteratively. There will be room for open sessions for participants to propose topics/ideas/sessions on the morning of the event itself.

We recommend that proposers do the following with/after submitting proposals:

  1. Add links to videos/slide decks if your talk is at an advanced stage of articulation.
  2. Explain problem statement and the key learnings in greater detail.
  3. Submit your proposal early for feedback and review.

Netconf’s policy is to showcase talks where the insights are free for participants to take back and apply to their work. If you are referring to a proprietary technology for solving a problem, consider picking up a sponsored session.

Important dates:

Last date for submissions: 27 March, 2020 - until the day of the conference.

Netconf date: 27 March, 2020

Schedule announcement: Work-in-progress

Passes for speakers:
Confirmed speakers get a pass to the conference. Speakers also receive a discount code which they can share with their colleagues, communities they are part of, and on social media channels. We do not provide free passes for speakers’ colleagues and relatives. Please do not ask us for this.

Travel grants for outstation speakers:
Travel grants are available for international and domestic speakers based on Netconf’s budget. If you require a grant, mention it in the field where you add your location.

Write to if you have questions regarding talks/sessions at the conference.

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Confirmed sessions

Communication and Documentation During Shutdowns

chinmayi s k (@chinmayi) (proposing)

  • Tue, 11 Feb

All your routers are belong to us

Karan Saini (@qurbat)

  • Tue, 11 Feb

Contributing to OONI test list

chinmayi s k (@chinmayi)

  • Mon, 10 Feb

Senior Network Administrators' Panel

Michael W Lucas (proposing)

  • Fri, 7 Feb

I can't see GIFs

Michael W Lucas

  • Fri, 7 Feb

Large Scale SSH

Michael W Lucas

  • Fri, 7 Feb


Michael W Lucas

  • Fri, 7 Feb

Effects of Personal Data Protection Bill on Internet Networks

srinivas kodali (@iotakodali) (proposing)

  • Fri, 7 Feb

TRAI Cloud Regulations

srinivas kodali (@iotakodali) (proposing)

  • Fri, 7 Feb

DNS Deep Dive Workshop

Ashwin Murali (@cruisemaniac)

  • Thu, 6 Feb

Measuring the internet using RIPE Atlas

Swapneel Patnekar (@swapneelp)

  • Tue, 4 Feb

Are you at least running Unbound on your laptops? DNSSEC as your first line of defence on a predatory internet.

Ashwin Murali (@cruisemaniac)

  • Mon, 3 Feb

Unconfirmed proposals

Team Dynamics & Communication Skills (Team Project Productivity, Start Ups & Leadership)


  • Wed, 19 Feb