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Submitted by chinmayi s k (@chinmayi) on Feb 12, 2020

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Communication and Documentation During Shutdowns

Submitted Feb 12, 2020

In the past month India witnessed a lot of frequent shutdowns in various parts of the country to “maintain law and order” situation. During these shutdowns the social media channels and solidarity groups shared various tools for communication and documentation. The conversations around these tools happened in the digital sphere and were shortlived. There is need for documentation that is specific to the indian eco-system.


What worked and where ?
What did not work ?
What do we need in such tools ?
Outcome: A blog post / document sharing these learnings.


Laptops or some other note taking tools would be helpful.
If you have used certain tools and there were things that did not work, bringing screenshots would be helpful.

Speaker bio

Chinmayi works on issues of gender and digital rights with The Bachchao Project.She is a technologist and works with women communities in the North-East India on the issues of Internet access and Censorship.