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Personal Data Protection Bill 2019: Red Tape or Spring Cleaning?

Submitted Feb 25, 2020

Data protection laws across the world have received flak for stifling innovation by imposing cumbersome obligations on businesses. Impact of such regulatory measures on small and medium sized businesses has been a subject of particular concern because these organizations do not have deep pockets to meet the cost of compliance. However, with scandals like Cambridge Analytica making headlines, the need for data protection to preserve the health of our democracy and society in unquestionable. In fact, data protection laws can even spur innovation and make markets more competitive by empowering consumers with rights like data portability. Such regulatory measures may also incentivize businesses to take stock and fundamentally re-evaluate their tech infrastructure, management processes and work culture.


During the session, the panellists will discuss the following questions in the context of the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019:
- How will cost of compliance vary depending on industry and business model?
- How can compliance be made easier for small and medium sized businesses?
- How will organizations create privacy by design policies and conduct privacy impact assessments?
- How will businesses comply with data localization requirements and what impact will this have on quality and security of services?
- What factors should be considered by the Data Protection Authority while performing its functions and issuing Codes of Practice?
- What kind of opportunities exist for regulation driven innovation?


For this panel, we are looking for technologists who may have prior experience with GDPR compliance or work in industries like healthcare and online advertising which will be particularly impacted by the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019. We would also benefit from the insights of lawyers or policy professionals who specialize in data protection and advise private industry.

Speaker bio

Devdutta is an Associate Counsel at Internet Freedom Foundation where she manages the Litigation and RTI verticals.