Netconf 2020 edition

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DNS Deep Dive Workshop

Submitted Feb 6, 2020

DNS is the most basic building block of the internet - A protocol for computers and devices to discover the addresses of other computers and devices across the globe. Attend this workshop to build your DevOps-fu with a thorough understanding of DNS. Walk out knowing that your DNS queries are safe from tampering or profiling by running your own DNSCrypt resolver.


  • Grok DNS - What makes the Domain Naming System? How does it tick? What is the plumbing like underneath?
  • DNS Resolution - How does your browser know what the address of is? How does the query look like? How does it execute? How does the response come back? Lets talk DNS Caching
  • DNS Security issues - What are the ways you poison a DNS request? What happens when DNS / Cache is poisoned?
  • Securing your DNS - DNSSEC, DNSCrypt, DOH - We’ll delve a little bit into each of the options you have to make sure your DNS requests are secured
  • Setup and run your own DNS Resolver - We’ll put all that we just saw into practice - We’ll setup a DNS resolver on your local laptops to run secured DNS queries.


  • This workshop will require that participants have a basic understanding of how the internet works - what the different protocols are - TCP, UDP, etc.
  • They will also be required to bring their own laptops so they can try the commands as they appear on the screen. There is no restriction on the kind of operating system that they run on their laptops.

Speaker bio

Ashwin Murali works as a Data and Infrastructure Engineer at When he’s not handling scaling and optimising infrastructure OR working on TensorFlow, Ashwin spends time working with the DNSCrypt project helping people setup Secure DNS Servers that encrypt your DNS queries, block Ads and pornography. He also runs his own email servers to prove that the world can operate without the likes of Google.