Netconf 2020 edition

Netconf 2020 edition

An unconference on the technical, economic and social aspects of network engineering and infrastructure

Vivekanand Vishwakarma

Network Engineer as a coder

Submitted Mar 9, 2020

Coding is not my cup of tea!! Wait a moment it’s not that hard!!

When it comes to coding, we network engineers always ask one question, is coding my cup of tea? When you can configure and manage complex routing why not try your hands on the coding. What matters is your determination and how excited you are about it. So let’s start coding..
In the era of automation when everything is getting automated, turning blind to coding is not an option anymore! There are so many tools available in the market for configuration management of our network devices but these tools cannot solve your all use cases. We have to customize it to your needs.

CLI is our favorite tool, building device configuration and executing troubleshooting commands are day to day job. when it comes to coding we simply start writing scripts with the help of friends or learning from online resources. There are few best practices we should follow while writing scripts such as code reusability, not reinventing the wheel, selecting the right library for your use case etc.
In this session I will talk about my learnings of “journey from a network engineer to a python coder” (still learning 😊 )

while determination:
“Happy Coding…”

Target Audience: Networking folks who are already writing some sort of Python scripting or willing to learn coding in Python.

Key Takeaways: Best practices that should followed while writing a script/code. Use cases which can be automated using Python.

See you then!


Why a network engineer should code
How to become a good coder
Common Mistakes in coding
Some of the Use cases and My Key Learnings from recent project
Questions and Answers


Internet access and whiteboard

Speaker bio

Vivekanand Vishwakarma works a staff infrastructure security engineer at Intuit and takes care network and automation.



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