JSFoo 2012

It’s like kung fu with JavaScript and objects! All about building full size apps in JavaScript.

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Nimhans Convention Centre, Bangalore

Programming for Canvas with CreateJS - What can you do in 40 mins?

Harish Sivaramakrishnan

29 October 2012

Scaling with Unconventional Tech-Stack (nodejs + redis + mongodb)

Sourav Sachin

4 December 2012

Getting Started with WebRTC - A kickstart for Developers

Nagarjuna Varma

12 December 2012

Compare and contrast internals of two (SpiderMonkey and V8) Javascript Engines

Shashwat Agarwal

29 October 2012

Having a finger in the Pi

Rakesh Pai

29 October 2012

Tools for debugging JavaScript

Varunkumar Nagarajan

5 December 2012

Animating html elements for fun and profit

Sunil Pai

5 December 2012

Building 10 Apps in 10 Days using only Javascript and APIfy as backend


7 December 2012

Control robots using JavaScript

Sudar Muthu

7 December 2012

Top JS Hacks @

Harsha B N

7 December 2012


Anand S

7 December 2012

Handling multi-touch events/gestures on mobile/tablet devices

Kush Sharma

5 December 2012

Glueing application components with Javascript

Sankha Narayan Guria

5 December 2012

Internationalize your web applications using Wikimedia i18n libraries

Santhosh Thottingal

4 December 2012

Escape from Callback Hell with Deferreds

Yuvi Panda

4 December 2012

3D FPS multiplayer game using JavaScript

milan chandna

4 December 2012

Score with Underscore.js

Shreyank Gupta

29 October 2012

RESTful API Using Node.js With Express


4 December 2012

Test Drive your JavaScript code using JSTestDriver, Jasmine and your Browser

Manoj Kumar N

4 December 2012