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Harsha B N

Top JS Hacks @ flipkart.com

Submitted Sep 18, 2012

We will be going over some of the javascript hacks/tricks we have used at flipkart.com. These are around browser annoyances and solutions to common front-end problems.


We at flipkart.com have used a lot of one-liner javascript hacks to solve some common issues we face during front-end development. These hacks have been working wonderfully in solving issues. We would be talking about some of the top hacks and how these helped us.

Speaker bio

Nagaraju Epuri has 9+ years experience in front-end development. He is the UI Manager at flipkart.com. Prior to this, he worked at AOL and MSRI.

Harsha B N has 4+ years experience in front-end engineering. He is an UI engineer at flipkart.com. Prior to flipkart, he worked at Yahoo! and Langoor.


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