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Navni Bhojwani

Fanatic to Rational choices - Node.js, Vert.x and Ruby @flipkart

Submitted Sep 18, 2012

Rational Tech Stack choices for non-blocking, async web scale UI.

Compare and contrast node.js, vert.x, Ruby @Flipkart .

Winner was node.js at Flipkart?

Case Study of the Flipkart Technology Stack for the Supplier Experience.


Deciding the technology stack for a new product is a crucial decision and often leads to fanatical views. The decision is in essence a function of the requirements of the domain. In this talk we will walk you through the entire process of how we transformed the decision making process from fanatical to analytical, from prejudices to rational from dogma to fit-for-purpose. In this discussion we shall discuss why Node.js was appropriate for Flipkart and also under what circumstances it may not be appropriate.

In this talk we shall also study this choice with a deeper look at the production ready open source modules available for node.js .


A basic understanding of client-server architecture.

Speaker bio

Neeraj Singh is the lead for Supplier experience@Flipkart. Prior to Flipkart Neeraj has was working at IVY Comptech (Hyderabad) and JDA Software (Hyderabad).
At IVY, he coded some pretty cool casino games and Jackpot Systems.http://www.partycasino.com/
At JDA Neeraj has worked on Supply Chain Products and Webworks framework. He has experience in Java Technologies, Oracle, MySQL, Ruby and Node.

Ravi Chandra is Software Development Engineer @Flipkart. Prior to Flipkart Ravi was working at NetApp (Bangalore) as intern. He graduated from BITS Pilani pursuing a dual degree in Economics & Computer Science. While doing graduation, Ravi has done few research internships at CERN (Geneva), University of Lethbridge (Alberta) and at IGCAR (Chennai). During leisure time, he takes interest in experimenting about Parallel Computing and on Distributed Systems.

Navni Bhojwani is a Software Developer @Flipkart. Prior to Flipkart Navni was working at Microsoft India Development Center as an intern. She has done her graduation in Computer Science Engineering from International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad.


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