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Shashwat Agarwal

Shashwat Agarwal


Compare and contrast internals of two (SpiderMonkey and V8) Javascript Engines

Submitted Sep 18, 2012

We will explore how javascript executes on two of the most popular web browsers’ javascript engines - Spidermonkey (Firefox) and V8 (Chrome) and why some good javascript coding practices are good.


The session will compare and contrast Spidermonkey and V8 based on various aspects such as garbage collection, machine code generation, object property access etc.

Why we did this? We wanted to understand how can we write better javascript, why some paradigms are efficient. And foremost, when one javascript engine is better than the other.

In this session, we will explore and compare the architecture of the two engines. We will see how these engines score when executing common javascript code, using some of the popular libraries. And then we will find out what is the reason behind the difference.

Speaker bio

Shashwat Agarwal is Architect @ Flipkart and is part of the Data Platform effort at Flipkart. Started with writing plain JS, to GWT and now using jquery/prototype.js.

Ravi Tandon and Ankit Mehta have recently stepped into the world of Flipkart and are the key members driving the adoption of node.js at Flipkart.


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