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Sudar Muthu


Control robots using JavaScript

Submitted Aug 13, 2012

The objective of the session is to showcase how JavaScript can be used to program or control hardware devices like robots or appliances at home.


Gone are the days when JavaScript was used only in browsers. These days JavaScript is getting used in lot of unexpected places. One such place is hardware programming.

In the talk, we will see how JavaScript can be used to program or control external devices like small (ro)bots or electronic appliances.


  • Good understanding of JavaScript
  • Basic understanding of Arduino (optional)

Speaker bio

Sudar Muthu is a Research Engineer at Yahoo! Labs. He works on numerous internal and external projects related to information extraction, user engagement, semantic web and data mining for socially and behaviorally interesting data.

He is passionate about programming for the web and mobile and loves to build websites from scratch.

He generally likes to play around with gadgets and works on both Android and Arduino as a hobby. His favorite pastime is to build robots using Arduino.




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