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milan chandna

3D FPS multiplayer game using JavaScript

Submitted Aug 31, 2012

Demo of a 3D first person Multiplayer game completely built in JavaScript.
At Server side node.js is used to manage clients and at Client side ‘Three.js’ library is used for 3D.
So come along and see how easy it is to develop such a game and also takeaway the solution to commonly faced issues while developing this kind of game.


There are two sides of this game.

  1. Server side - Server is required to sync up all your clients as this is a multiplayer game. I have used node.js for server side as I wanted this to be a completely JavaScript game.

  2. Client side - At client side I have used ‘Three.js’, a 3D engine in javascript, to render the objects of game. There will a simple arena made from cubic objects just like a maze.

I will discuss and share the common issues faced while making this game like collision-detection/loading object-models/syncing-movement and a lot of stuff.
I will explain all these stuff from real code so that it will be easy for you to understand.

Based on the user-demand I might even share my complete code.

Speaker bio

By profession I am an Adobe ColdFusion Engineer but it’s my passion to develop games.

I have developed a 3D FPS multiplayer JS game from scratch and have solved all the issues I faced. I want to share all these issues and along with their solution.

I will also explain the code and will show how easy it is to develop.

So get along with me if you want to make such a game of your own.




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