JSFoo 2012

It’s like kung fu with JavaScript and objects! All about building full size apps in JavaScript.

Rajat Singhal

Polyglot in Server Side Javascript

Submitted Aug 31, 2012

To explore server side support for mixing multiple languages


How do you leverage your existing server components written in Ruby, Python, Groovy, Java in addition to Javascript/Coffeescript?
This session will explore writing server side logic of a game application in these languages and even mixing them up using the Vert.x Platform

Speaker bio

Rajat is the VP of Engg - Core Product with Tresensa, an HTML5 based game development platform for mobile and social games. He primarily looks into the multi-player features of the platform involving various Javascript based technologies like NodeJS, SocketIO, Vert.x, etc.

Prior to Tresensa, he ran engineering for Codewalla, a game dev studio which specializes in building cross-platform games for mobile/social users. He has also worked at large organizations across US/Canada like Thomson Reuters, Cisco and Corel in the past where he specialized in web products with high volume and low latency needs.

Rajat has a computer engineering degree from University of Pune and is currently based in Pune, India.


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