JSFoo 2012

It’s like kung fu with JavaScript and objects! All about building full size apps in JavaScript.

Sourav Sachin


Scaling with Unconventional Tech-Stack (nodejs + redis + mongodb)

Submitted Sep 20, 2012

I’ll share glimpses of challenges in writing a webscale chat server. We will explore together how to scale with unconventional tech-stack (nodejs + redis + mongodb).


Earlier in 2012, I had the accountability to deliver a chat server which was ready for scale of 50m+ users from day 1. Short timeline and demand for high quality made us think unconventionally.

The session will take us thru the journey of various experiments and quick prototypes which helped us arrive at the final choice of tech stack comprising of nodejs + redis + mongodb. Various node modules were carefully chosen to participate in the project. Quality was ensured with BDD.

We shall also take a quick look at various tools at disposal for performance & scale tests.

Speaker bio

Sourav Sachin is Director of Engineering @ Flipkart. He retains active interest in new technologies and encourages youngsters to take bold but informed decisions. He was earlier with Webaroo / GupShup technology, Mumbai prior to which he ran his startup in IPTV for a decade.


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