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Sankha Narayan Guria


Glueing application components with Javascript

Submitted Aug 3, 2012

  • To embed JavaScript in Network and Desktop application components, specifically the JVM
  • Modularity and robustness of the applications
  • Giving users the power to script new features into the applications


JavaScript is a nice little language with awesome features that make it easy to learn and code in. Rather than hard-coding all the components of a software into a single language bundle, we can compartmentalize and put the core application logic in one of the mainstream languages and implement the user interfaces and API calls in JavaScript.

In this talk I will speak about embedding Javascript specifically on the JVM, and similarly it can be implemented in other languages like C++. The focus will be on Java’s Scripting API and Mozilla Rhino to write software components in Java and glue them with JavaScript. This will make the application components more modular and we can write easily updatable application reducing the compilation overheads. It can be used to create Javascript bindings to underlying Java code.

I will speak on how to expose simple API in your applications for end users to create scripts to customise and extend its functionality. Here I will take up one of my self made applications - a media file format converter to demonstrate how simple scripts written by the user can leverage the power of the app and to do batch processing and other actions, by using its API.

Speaker bio

I am currently a student of IIT Rajasthan, in my second year. I have been using Java and JavaScript since my school days to make applications and webpages. Have also contributed a few patches to Mozilla Firefox.




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