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Akshay Surve


Building massive horizontally scalable and fault tolerant system in Node.js - By Pavan Mishra & Akshay Surve

Submitted Aug 4, 2012

  • Thinking in Ad-ops scale
  • Building Node.js app with an expectation that it will fail on you
  • Eliminating SOFs and other commonly expected notions of server-side apps
  • Leveraging the AWS stack end-to-end - Route53 / ELB / EC2 / EBS / S3 / Cloudfront for horizontal scale
  • Performance hacks for Node.js app


Node.js is simply a breeze to work with but it’s also easy to go wrong with. We want to share our key learnings working on a massive horizontally scalable click and conversion tracking system powering our ad-tech startup DeltaX.

Apart from making Node.js work for you, we would also like to share the architecture and learnings from our system which leverages the cloud from end-to-end - Route53 / ELB / EC2 / EBS / S3 / Cloudfront.

Speaker bio

Pavan Mishra is a Python purist at heart and occasionally dabbles into other technologies. Node.js is not like love at first sight for him but he has grown fonder of it over a period of time. Is this what is called true love?

Akshay Surve has closely worked and consulted with startups ranging from social ventures (socialsync.org / ads4good.org) to consumer startups (ideeli.com). He is currently leading the development at DeltaX.com an advertising technology platform.
Me on Quora: http://www.quora.com/Akshay-Surve/Blog



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