JSFoo 2012

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Realtime web applications using NodeJS

Submitted Aug 2, 2012

To make developers aware and teach them the communication between client and a server using WebSockets.

To make developers understand how to use Socket.io and NodeJS to create realtime web applications that work on mobile as well as desktop web browser.


In the talk, I will be creating a realtime web application from scratch and step-by-step teach the audience how to make use of Socket.io and NodeJS to create a web application that talks to the server and displays rapidly changing data in realtime.

Besides, I will also demo a web application that pulls data from server and shows it in the form of graphs and charts in realtime. It would be greatly useful to server side as well as client side application developers.


Basic knowledge of Javascript.

Speaker bio

Having passed out from PICT, Pune in 2010, Jaydeep has been currently working as Android and Blackberry developer at a startup called IntouchId.

He loves open nature of WWW and gradually became a fan of open source. He likes to talk to developers, enthusiasts and tinkerers about the latest and greatest innovation in the tech world.

In his free time, he finds himself fiddling with open source projects, blogging, HTML5, NodeJS, Android programming and lately Firefox OS.


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