JSFoo 2012

It’s like kung fu with JavaScript and objects! All about building full size apps in JavaScript.

Rakesh Pai


Having a finger in the Pi

Submitted Sep 5, 2012

Showcase the awesomeness of programming the real world with JavaScript. Make real things move, be aware of their surroundings, and react, all with JS. Real things, like cars!


The Raspberry Pi is awesome. It runs Linux. Linux is awesome. Linux runs node.

The Raspberry Pi has pins which you can connect external hardware to. You can then program said hardware. With node!

The Raspberry Pi is credit-card sized. It’s compact enough to be mounted on aforementioned hardware. Said hardware can have wheels. Ergo, node on wheels!

Watch me ssh into a robot, and control it from a node REPL. Even expose a web-server running straight from the robot’s heart. Web sockets? Why not! All (almost) purely in JavaScript!

If I can get it ready in time, watch the robot get sentient! Within the three laws of robotics, of course. Mostly.

PS: All this code is open source! Fork away!



Some understanding of Linux and hardware will be a huge win, but not necessary. I’ll buy the beers later if we have a great hardware conversation.

Speaker bio

Catches JS errors for a living. (Founder: http://errorception.com/)

Fascinated by JS robots (https://github.com/rakeshpai/pi-gpio). Helping them take over the world, one semi-colon at a time.

10 years of writing JavaScript (was doing it before it was cool). Gawd, I feel so old!



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