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Kausikram Krishnasayee


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Submitted Sep 6, 2012

This talk aims to provide a hands-on introduction to Web Intents. Web intents is a framework which would enable on-demand inter web app task delegations. Its a light weight system modeled based on Android’s Intents.
By using Intents, web app developers can delegate common manipulations performed by the user to other web apps that your end user prefers, seamlessly.


There are a gazillion web apps out there. And each one of those gazillion replicates some functionality. How cool will it be if you are able to just implement a small photo uploader and let your user decided on his favourite online image editor tool ?

You solve two problems:

  1. You do not need to implement the code required for Photo editing, and ..
  2. You give the power to your user to choose the photo editor he wants to get his job done.

Web intents allow you to do just that.

In this talk we will walk through a simple web intent implementation to get started with. we will then explore the power that this framework will provide to the developer and finally we will see bottlenecks that one needs to face on a real world implementation.

Speaker bio

Kausikram Krishnasayee is a self taught computer hacker who graduated in Mechanical Engineering and a gold medalist from Loyola Institute of Business Administration specializing in International Business. Kausik is the technical brain behind TourMyApp.com

Kausik was a co founder of Proto.in the startup event, and is part of the National Leadership Council of the National Entrepreneurship Network. He also mentors the Entrepreneurship Society in his Alma Mater.

Kausik is a self taught geek, a PyCon India and PyCon Asia Pacific Speaker, and an amateur Ultimate Frisbee player. While he is not coding away or playing frisbee in the beach he spends time appreciating music and practicing on the mridangam.


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