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Prasanna Annamalai

Aggregate your API's with ql.io and Node.js

Submitted Sep 7, 2012

  1. How to deploy and use the service?
  2. How to use the language to wrap endpoints and query / mashup data?
  3. How to add Node.js hooks into the HTTP request / response process to control the data transferring between the server and endpoint?
  4. Tools and repositories that extend ql.io with visualization capabilities and add new default data sources?


Today most of the Applications mashup API’s from internal / external sources to produce data for querying, personalization etc., This leads to increased API inter-dependencies, multiple network round trips etc., ql.io addresses these developer pain points to declare API calls, fork and joins, filters and projections. ql.io significantly reduces the amount of code written to do API integration.

Speaker bio

A technology Enthusiast, I lead and run the external Developer Tools team for eBay Inc., Recently bitten by the Node.js bug.


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