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ES6 - The Bright Future of JS ( and You )

Submitted Sep 9, 2012

If you -

  • already use any of the ES5 feature like the strict-mode, meta-programming, new methods on various prototypes like .bind(), .trim() or .toJSON()
  • see yourself doing serious JS development now or in near-future
  • want to learn about how one of the most popular, yet relatively uglier looking language is learning from the community & evolving to be even more awesome.


ECMA’s TC39 has been working on a new versions of JS to fix what has been warts on the language for very long.
ES5 has brought a lot of goodness in the last 2 years, but now ES6 has started landing in the major browsers & node.

Some of what TC39 has come up with, has been under heavy debate in the JS community; however most of it is really amazing and will probably shape the future of JS.

The talk should also try to cover what the speaker personally thinks are the most useful bits of ES5 & ES6.
If time permits, a mention of few other interesting proposals from harmony that might land in ES.next/ES7 would be nice.

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