IN/Clojure 2020

IN/Clojure 2020

India's annual Clojure conference


IN/Clojure is India’s annual Clojure conference, and Asia’s first. IN/Clojure’s primary focus is the free exchange of ideas between new and experienced Clojure programmers alike. IN/Clojure 2020 is the fourth edition of Asia’s very first Clojure conference, and is scheduled to be held in Pune, in February.

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IN/Clojure is India’s annual Clojure conference, and Asias’s first. IN/Clojure’s primary focus is the free exchange of ideas between new and experienced Clojure programmers alike.

IN/Clojure 2020 is the 4th edition of the conference, slated for February 2020, in Pune, Maharashtra.

Over the years, the conference has served as a platform to kickstart a series of Clojure workshops and meet-ups across the country. And it has helped attendees make a strong case for Clojure, and Clojurescript adoption in their companies. We believe that this edition of the conference, like previous editions will foster the growing Clojure community in Asia.

Why propose a talk?

A talk at IN/Clojure is an avenue for sharing ideas, experiences, and knowledge, with the Clojure community at large.

It is an opportunity to bring the community together on interesting problems, or technical challenges, to showcase your work, or to contribute to a worthy cause.

And, in our experience, the hard work of creating and preparing a talk is an uncommon opportunity for self improvement, valued by experienced speakers as well as new ones. After all, one of the best ways to learn, is to teach!

Who should propose a talk?

You can submit a talk regardless of your experience level with Clojure; all perspectives matter.

You should especially propose a talk, if you’ve been programming professionally for a few years but believe you have nothing to say. Well, you do! Or your team/group does! Think, ideate, submit a proposal!

What to propose?

  • Did something cool with Clojure lately? We want to hear from you!
  • Maybe you learnt Clojure on weekends and built a small game in ClojureScript? Write in!
  • Maybe you rewrote your old Java, or Go application in Clojure. We want to hear about it.
  • Maybe you rewrote your Clojure application in another language. Well, we want to hear about that too!
  • Maybe you taught Clojure to your friends, and there were some interesting aha! moments you want to talk about? Write in!
  • If you built a wrapper library, a terminal game, a scraper spider, a crud generator, a tflops number cruncher, a distributed messaging platform, or a deep learning thingamajig, yes, you should submit a talk!

Have a look at past talks here.

We’re looking for submissions on a wide range of topics.

  • Full Talks will be 40 mins long – including 5 mins of Q & A.
  • Crisp Talks will be 20 mins long – including 5 mins of Q & A.

Speaker reimbursements

We will reimburse economy-class travel costs for speakers:

  • For international travel – up to INR 80K (approx. USD 1200)
  • For domestic travel – up to INR 15K

Apart from the travel, we will also provide up to 2 nights of stay to speakers whose submissions are accepted.

Propose a session

All proposals

Composable Data Pipelines for not-so-Big Data

Akaash Patnaik (@worldpiece)

  • Sun, 10 Nov

Debuggers in Lisps

Suvrat Apte (@suvratapte)

  • Thu, 7 Nov

Fight Complexity with Functional Programming

Gopal S Akshintala (@gopalakshintala)

  • Wed, 6 Nov

Clojure of Things

Adam Helinski (@dvlopt)

  • Thu, 31 Oct

GANGES: Clojure retro game music engine

Bobby Towers (@porkostomus)

  • Tue, 29 Oct

Functional Programming Patterns

abhinav sarkar (@abhinavsarkar)

  • Mon, 28 Oct

GraphQL subscriptions with Lacinia, and how it compares to Java and Node.js

Gerard Klijs (@gklijs)

  • Mon, 28 Oct