IN/Clojure 2020

India's annual Clojure and ClojureScript conference. 14th-15th Feb, 2020. Pune, MH, IN.



Emmanuel Antony


Wasm on Clojure

Submitted Jan 19, 2020

Supercharging existing Clojure applications using Wasm. WebAssembly (or Wasm) is a portable binary code format for executable programs. High level languages (C/C++/Rust) can compile down to Wasm as a portable target. Wasm is about 20% slower than native code execution.


What is Wasm?
Where can you run Wasm?
How to run Wasm on top of JVM?
Calling Wasm code from Clojure.
Can this be a bridge between Clojure and Rust?

Speaker bio

I am a Rust developer, currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree. I like to tinker with stuff and know how things work internally. Stuff are those engineering marvels that we take for granted these days.


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