Ghostbusters: optimizing debt collections with survival models

Fasih Khatib, Data Scientist at Simpl

40 minutes27 July 2019

ADAM - Bootstrapping a deep NN-based sequence labeling model with minimal labeling

Shashank Jaiswal, Data scientist at Clustr

44 minutes29 July 2019

Anatomy of a production ML feature engineering platform

Venkata Pingali, CEO and co-founder of Scribble Data

45 minutes29 July 2019

A journey through Cosmos to understand users

Avinash Ramakanth, Tech lead at InMobi

19 minutes28 July 2019

Technology to counter misinformation/disinformation

Pratik Sinha, Co-founder at Alt News

40 minutes29 July 2019

Analysing high throughput data in real-time

Namit Mahuvakar

29 minutes27 July 2019

Sponsored talk: Feed generation at ShareChat

Ayush Mittal, Lead data scientist at ShareChat

32 minutes28 July 2019

How to build blazingly fast distributed computing like Apache Spark In-house?

Upendra Singh, Full stack data scientist at Clustr

20 minutes29 July 2019

Demo session: Samantar: an open assistive translation framework for Indic Language

Deepthi Chand

15 minutes29 July 2019

Sponsored talk: Age of AI Ops

Nitin Gupta, AppDynamics Data Platform lead

33 minutes27 July 2019

Data security and startups: make the ends meet

Shadab Siddiqui, Head of Information Security at Hotstar

27 minutes29 July 2019

Tutorial: Taking deep learning to production with RedisAI

Sherin Thomas, Senior software architect at Tensorwerk

37 minutes29 July 2019

Similarity search for product matching at Semantics3

Abishek Bhat, Member of data science team at Semantics3

38 minutes29 July 2019

Improving product discovery via hierarchical recommendations

Neha Kumari, Software developer with Recommendation team at Flipkart

29 minutes29 July 2019

Demystifying Social Network Analysis (SNA)

Sandeep Khurana, Data Scientist

41 minutes29 July 2019

Leveraging the power of analytics for MarTech

Jacob Joseph, Data Scientist at Clevertap

45 minutes27 July 2019

The final stage of grief (about bad data) is acceptance

Chris Stucchio, Head of data science at Simpl

40 minutes28 July 2019

Why data privacy is critical for robust data management?

Peter Wang, Co-founder of Anaconda, Inc

20 minutes28 July 2019

Solving the vehicle routing problem for optimizing shipment delivery

Venkateshan, Data Scientist at Logistics and Insight team at Flipkart

40 minutes29 July 2019

Contracts, schema evolution and data pipelines

Agam Jain, Technology Architect at Zapr

30 minutes27 July 2019
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